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OffTrac's New Purchases

Thanks, they're not too dark. I just decided to finally do something about the Christmas tree look on the rear.

Never have gotten around to getting a j-hook. The straps have worked great, though. I check them probably about once a week and they're holding tight. The rack may come off soon anyway as hunting season ends in January and I won't need the bed as much.

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Just sent this to someone in a pm requesting this info. Figured it was a good description of my thoughts on the Treadwright Guard Dogs so far. I'll update after a good offroad trip.

So far I like them a lot. I haven't even put 1k miles on them yet, though. I haven't been able to really test them off road yet but I have played around our property and our hunting land a little and they grip like crazy in the limited amount I've played with them. I've been able to do some stuff in 2wd that the BFG KM2s needed 4wd for but to be fair, I got those with only about 50% tread left. I'll be able to better judge them after a good run at one of the offroad parks this spring.

I thought they'd be more quiet than the KM2s because the tread has less void but they're not, they're a good bit louder. Still, they're not obnoxiously loud at all. KM2s are freakishly quiet for a MT, IMO. My exhaust is still louder and all I have is a Dynomax Super Turbo. With the radio on low, I don't hear either.

My biggest complaint has nothing really to do with Treadwright but the carcass I chose. They didn't have any Load Range D 315/70R17 carcasses in stock so they called me and asked if the 35x12x17 Toyo Open Country M/Ts Load Range E would be alright. I wasn't in a hurry to get new tires but I was excited, so I said sure and figured the LR E would be a little more stiff, provide better sidewall protection and last longer. Well, they're a lot more stiff and too much for the light weight Explorer. I actually like it because of the type of driving I do, less than 10 miles a day all on country roads, but I don't think most people would like it, especially those who drive in the city at all.

Overall, so far I'm very happy with getting five 35" tires to my door for under $1k and these seem to be very good quality tires.

Here's my final result for the crossbars and Curt roof rack I purchased.


Wouldn't buy again. Mounted in September 2012, removed (forcibly) February 2013, six months. Last night this happened.


I had to go find this.


Yeah, I have a heavy 35" tire up there so if that exceed the 150lb max load, I guess that's my fault. At any rate, these bars didn't hold up to the purpose I bought it for. The ends, as you can see, were rusted within a couple weeks of purchase. I live in south Georgia. Rust is typically not an issue here for well made items. If you need to haul blankets and pillows on a long family trip, these may be the bars for you, with a little rust proofing.

The Curt Mfg. Basket:

Maybe would buy again but probably not. Didn't take long for the screws and hardware to start rusting, again, in an area where rust takes a long time and neglect. There's also rust on the bars, where nothing was contacting it that I can tell. There is no contact with anything there and never could be.:scratch: The most concerning was the mounting hardware and how it warped. You can see how the plastic pieces that mount under the bars warped. Those are hand-tightened to the greatest of my strength. I'm not weak, but I'm pretty sure I didn't overtighten them. The picture of it by itself shows how warped it is. It's warped in every axis, x, y and z, so it's not like there's a particular weak point in that piece, the whole thing is just weak.





If I reuse this basket next hunting season, I will definitely build my own mounting brackets. Overall, I got $115 use out of it during the hunting season but I was hoping to get more than one season out of it. It could go a few more rounds with a touch of spray paint and new hardware but I don't know if I want to go through that. I may replace with a Thule as I will certainly have to go that way for crossbars.

Thanks for this write up offtrac. I'm just starting to think about and look roof baskets, so this is good info.

I think I'm just going to end up building my own.

I had the same thing happen with mine but the Yakima brackets are steel so they were fine. I ended up using self tappers on the crossbars to keep them from sliding out of the brackets.

I'll consider that, thanks. It's going to stay off for a while. I won't need the bed much for a while. I just use the trailer or borrow my father in law's 1500 if I really need that function. Anything I usually need a truck bed for in the spring is usually more than a ST could hold anyway.

Sorry to see it didn't really last. Im surprised by the Curt basket. Like you said months ago, they make good hitches, wouldn't they make good baskets?

I'd definitely stick a few SS bolts through the factory rails to hold the basket in place like Jerry did. Theres been several guys that have complained about their baskets moving around.

I got yakima everything and it holds up great and im in the northeast so we get all kinds of weather conditions. Its almost 50 now and were getting snow tomorrow. Goes from one extreme to the other.

Bought a RCI skid plate and got it installed today. Great product. Installs into holes already in the frame in minutes. Not much to say, just glad to finally have it.

Here's why you need it.


Here's what Ford gave us.


RCI makes a nice product. Powdercoated for another $30 is a no-brainer.


I'll try to get a better picture but this is what I got today in a rush before my hot date.


Looks good! Now to test it out...

Come test it out at Doe Valley the weekend of Sept. 6th, Getting a big trail run together at an awesome offroad park in Windber, Pa.. Thread started in the trail run section.

Can't wait to test it but I don't think PA is possible this year.


Wonder how the powdercoat will hold up. If you use it like I do it will be all scuffed up quickly. I was going to have him do mine in stainless but opted for raw steel and I bedlined it. You will love it. I have had mine for years now. It has caused a dent in my ifs cross member but that's probably from landing on it after unintentionally catching air... It can take some crap.

Didn't know bedliner was stronger than powdercoat. I didn't want the hassle of having to do anything but bolt on.

Looks freaking sweet!!!!:thumbsup: Nice work, Hugh

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Looks good did you cut the bottom of your bumper off ?