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Oh Crud!! A/C took a dump


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February 24, 2014
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Las Vegas/Henderson NV
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96 EB Explorer 4x4
It's just the wrong time for my A/C to take a dump.

Temps at 105+ with 20+% humidity here in Henderson/Las Vegas. Miserable weather for here.
Driving home after picking up my mother in law we notice a smell and within a few minutes the cold was gone.. ARRGH!! Just paid to have my MIL home A/C recharged this morning and my truck A/C goes out.
I'll try to have it evacuated and see if it holds a vacuum. Seems obvious to me it developed a leak. Where is the question.

We need to drive it tomorrow. Forecast is 103-105* with high humidity. Right now 1045 pm and it's 100* with 35% humidity..blahhh...I may just add a can of sealer and fill it with freon and hope it lasts for the few hours we are out during the heat of the day.

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Yikes. I wouldn't want to add a leak stopper as there may be plenty of atmospheric air in your system from a leak to react and cause the leak stopper to cure in places you really don't want it to. You could be in a way worse mess then. If I did anything to get me home, I'd probably just put in a can of refrigerant with UV dye and finish it off with enough plain refrigerant to get it cold.

Rent a vehicle and make your drive..Then look at the system and see what blew up...Could just be a clutch that died...And the refrigerant system could be fine...The smell could be something other than the refrigerant leaking out inside...If it leaked inside the evaporator core could be leaking...

Got it looked at today at work.
Evac'd and refilled. Freon was full. No leaks. No sealer needed.
No power getting to the compressor and a bit of looking at the electrical schematic seems to point at something inside the dash. Something in the ETAC control panel?
Obviously the smell was something electrical frying. Didn't have time to get into the dash today.
We did hot wire the A/C compressor with a jumper to get the A/C working temporarily.
So I do have air for now.Good thing..110-115* predicted in the coming week.

Since it wasn't freon I smelled I now think it was a more like an electrical short smell.
It was brief but noticeable by my mother in law and myself.
Could it be a short in the EATC module? Is there a recommendation on what could have shorted to cause no power to the compressor or switch near drier.

I did a self check on the EATC and got a 024/025 error codes. I know I had a blend door that would sometimes flop over, during sudden stops or at a downward angle to heat, while A/C was on then slowly move back to cold.