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September 11, 2009
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03 Eddie Bauer
I finally got my axle in and everything back together which I should be really happy about. BUT now I noticed that the axle that I pulled out has a washer type thing in the little groove near the end that goes into the transfer case. I don't remember seeing that on the axle that I put in. Do I need to rip this thing apart again and make sure it's on the axle?

been there done that.
sounds like its a circle-clip that keeps the inside CV joint inside the diff. . .you might be able to test it, can you pry the inside joint out with ease or if you can move/push/pull CV joint by hand, humm. .its there for a reason. . .you should be getting good at it, and you have all the tools. Just for a piece of mind i would.

On some other CV Axles i've done, i had to move the clip to the new one.

Yeah, I took it apart and sure enough there was no circlip, and none in the box so I reused the old one. Thanks for the reply!

if its on the axle probably the dust boot.