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Oil change broke my starter ground


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September 25, 2014
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Middle Tennessee
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04 Explorer XLT 4.0 4wd
So I changed my oil today.
Found a deal, 5w20 Penzoil full synthetic for $22,
With the possibility of two rebates. It has a $10 mail in rebate, Making it $12!
My friend said they are still honoring an expired $1 off per gallon of shell gas so if that's true, it makes it $2 for the oil! I'll try that first, if not then I'll do the $10 rebate.

So, I got the oil, a filter and a strainer (First oil change since owning it)
the strainer is just to look for sludge and debri as it drains out the pan.


If this $10 rebate is my only option, then its still great for the oil at $12!

But hopefully this works, at 20 gallons it'll make the oil $2!!

So I change the oil and everything is fine, Since it has larger wheels on it I don't have to jack or raise the explorer. Awesome! Level ground and now raising it. Easy!

After that I inspect the starter as I've had some starting issues since buying it.
I wiggle the connections looking for anything loose and SNAP! The ground wire
terminal snaps and breaks. Great... The issues were from an almost broke terminal.
It was already broke about 80% from what looks like a previous starter replacement.


So, I'm not at home using someone elses garage who isn't there so i'm pretty much stuck.

Luckily I had some wire and jumped it from the ground on the battery and got it running.

Went to the local auto store and bought my repairs...
Knowing I don't want to have to do this again I bought good stuff. Weatherproof connectors etc....

With the broken terminal on the right at the bottom I matched up what I needed.


Used 10g wire, crimped and used a heat gun to seal the connection.


Got under the car with another weaherproof but connector and got to work.
Used a heat gun and sealed up the connections.


And got it all connected now. I'll come back with some wireloom and electrical tape.


Some peace of mind knowing it's repaired properly and shouldn't be an issue in the future.
Since the repair, no issues starting it!

Just ordered the tranny fill adapter and filter/gasket kit.
Looking at an additional finer micro filter to install. Not sure yet.
Getting some fluid in there first I think will help, when it's in drive it's loud and clanky.

Then reason there's such good rebates is because it's Penzoil! Can't give it away. Zing! Sorry, like Champion in the 70's, I'm stuck on Penzoil gumming up an engine.

Awesome deal though. Ought to see how many rebates per house hold and stock up.

thats the solenoid trigger wire. not ground. bummer it broke though!

I use the same oil 5w30 no complaints