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oil dipstick tube


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August 7, 2013
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Annandale, MN
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1993 Ford Explorer Sport
I recently broke mine off right were it goes by the exhaust manifold. I looked into buying a ford one, and they are $95! 95 bucks for a thin tube with a bolt hole on it:eek:! I can't seem to find any at an auto parts store. What I have found is plenty of $10-$15 universal ones. I have also looked into getting one from a junk yard, but they are often broken off or on their way as well. I am going to make the one from my parts truck work for now. Are all oil dipsticks pretty much a universal size? I can bend it to route it, and I expect to make a new "full" mark line, I just don't want it to leak.

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Man, on the 4.0 ohv it is tricky. Any slight mis alignment will make the crank tap on the dipstick. I really recommend finding one from a salvage yard. Sandblast it real good and repaint. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, You should be able to take it to a powdercoating shop for a quick 25.00 and turnaround because you will want it black. The sandblasting will reveal if it is actually reusable, or not. If there is a good shell, the powdercoat will help it to be more durable.

You snap the tube off near the top like where there is a bracket that bolts to the exhaust manifold. How did that happen. There not universal maybe same year Rangers might enterchange. Like Turdle says your best bet is the Junk Yard $5.00 for a used one out here. Do you still have the broke off piece you could JB weld it back on

I took the one from my parts truck, and it is in surprisingly good condition. Its got plenty of pitting, but I think it will be fine. I cleaned it good, couple coats of primer and paint, and am now waiting for it to dry. I don't know how well the paint will hold up; I didn't have engine enamel. I have all week, its spring break! I found a small tab of steel with holes that fit the dipstick tube perfect. Then I found a tube that fit over the dipstick tube and welded it to the tab. That should reinforce the weak spot. Once back together, I plan on welding the tab right to the bolt it used to be mounted to. The bolt is stuck in there, and never coming out again in one piece.

How this happened is a while back the mount for the tube broke off. Yesterday I was checking oil and it just happens to be the day the tube let go. Nothing lasts in MN, not oil dipstick tubes, not egr tubes, not exhaust, nothing. I'll post pictures up when I'm done, but all the dipstick tube is, is a thin tube (almost looks like brake line) with a couple tabs tacked on. One just holds a wire. I still don't know about the parts truck. I guess I'll just try to stick the broken tube in that so it doesn't leak. I don't want to park it yet. Sitting is what really ruins vehicles.

Here is a picture of what I ended up doing. I cleaned it as best I could, and painted it. I have to say it turned out pretty good. The tube should keep the heat off it, and I expect it last the rest of the vehicles life. On my parts truck, I cut the top of the broken one off. Then I found that the handle from a "hogie" fit perfectly over the tube with a tight fit. I cut it off to the length I needed and now both trucks have working dipsticks.


It is absolutely ridiculous that Ford would ask $95 for this. Its nothing more than a piece of brake tube with a slight bend and 2 tabs tacked on.