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oil dipstick tube


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February 7, 2016
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1997 ford explorer xlt5.0
i am in need of the oil dipstick tube for 1997 explorer 5.0. i have read other threads but no real answer other than junkyard and there are none near me. is there anywhere to get this part new? '98 forward will not fit nor will any listed at the usual places...advance, auto zone etc.

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what year vehicle is it from?

what year vehicle is it from?

It is from a tubular header 98

Let's see a picture of yours please. There isn't much to "adjusting" the bracket to make em fit.

dont have the old one off yet to photo but from what ive read '98 and later tubes have clearance issues with plugs and exhaust studs. i do know they are different part #s . its a nice looking part you have and would love for it to fit. i just need to be sure before investing. the tube is wobbly and not sure if original. previous owner has attached chrome loop style handle to the rod and it leaks and gets moisture to the crankcase

well some places say it fits some say it dont, but i will chance it if you still have available

have you tried rockauto.com?