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Oil filter adapter gasket


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June 7, 2017
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Miami, FL
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2004 Explorer 4.6L V8
Hello to all! This is my first post here asking for your tips to solve some questions.

I own a 2004 Ford Explorer 4.6L V8 and I realized that is leaking oil from the oil filter, and doing some research i've saw that probably is the gasket from the adapter that holds it and needs to be replaced. I saw some posts here where they say how to do it but i'd like to know if somebody has a step-by-step in order to make it easy. Also, in order to change the gasket, do i need to drain all the oil (apart from the coolant)?

Thank you, guys!!

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No, the oil will not run out as the pan is lower than the adapter. If it seems like coolant runs into the oil passages when you pull the adapter then you will need to change the oil. I didn't have a problem when I did mine.

But it might be a good time to do an oil and filter change -- and maybe a coolant change since you need to drain the coolant before you pull that gasket. You can go to YouTube and input 'oil filter adapter replacing' for your year and make of vehicle.

So do you think that i can do it without having to pull up the whole car? I mean, i can put the ramps to have it a little bit higher, but do you think that can be done 'easily'? (I know that some bolts are hard to reach but not impossible)

It's not that hard to do. I don't remember if I jacked up that side or not, but I did it on my back on black asphalt (I hate working on a car on black asphalt, but I hate paying a repair shop even more). It wasn't even that messy but I don't let repairs like this go a long time before I get around to it.

Got it! I'll do it as soon as posible, doesn't leak too much, just a few drops, but i'll keep an eye on it and do it as soon as posible. Just to make sure, all starts with the leak at the bottom of the oil filter, right? I mean, you see that there's a leak but not on the oil filter, most of it it's located on the engine block where attaches the adapter. Also is dirty with oil and what it looks like dust mixed with it.

I noticed a problem when I went to change my oil filter and could feel the oil on the filter, so I replaced it, and made sure the old gasket came off. Then I checked the new filter later and there was oil on it. So I knew the problem wasn't the oil filters leaking. After checking on here, I saw what the probable cause was and so I replaced that adapter gasket. -- problem solved. Yes, oil does absorb dust real easy. It's a common problem with these vehicles, if you haven't changed yours, that's where you should start.