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Oil in intake hose!?


July 7, 2001
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Roscoe, IL
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92 XLT
I need a little help please from anyone. I have been losing quite a bit of oil and my explorer has been idling rough lately. I noticed today that I had a lot of oil in my intake hose from the maf sensor all the way in to the intake. I dont know where this could be coming from--the only 2 options I can think of are the PCV valve or the hose off the oil filler cap. My oil in the crankcase seems to have a foamy residue lately also? Can anyone help? Thanks


oil in the hose

I would also check your coolant too to see if there is oil in it. I would do a compression check on the engine. It maybe blowing oil pass the rings or the valve guides. Does the oil have a gray color to it? That would mean coolant is getting into the oil = blowin headgasket. Have you noticed poor performance rough idle?
Hope this gives you some help...........

I would asume that you have allready checked the oil level and found it to not be overfilled. I had the exact same problem with mine, and too much oil made it out of the pcv valve and cost me a new MAF ( cleaning it with carb cleaner did no good ) I then cleaned all the oil residure out of the air intake and cleaned the MAP sensore since it got some **** into it too. then a good cleaning of the intake system with some O2 sensor safe cleaner combined with the new MAF cured the problem of on and off rough idle and Check engine light.