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Oil leak from oil filter boss?


November 1, 2006
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99 ford explorer
I have had a slight oil leak on my 130,000 mile, 99 Explorer 4.0 SOHC for some time, finally decided to get to the bottom of it.

Thinking it may be coming from a valve cover as the PCV valve my be bad, i dug around on the top of the motor to check and clean the PCV valve, seemed ok, and no oil leaks seem to be coming from a valve cover.

Crawling underneath i cleaned off the bottom and looked around. During oil changes it looks like it may have been the oil pan gasket at the rear corner as it is dripping down and landing on the Cat. There was a drip hanging off the oil filter, and off the trans cooler lines.

I cleaned everything and sprayed some white power (tinactin) actually around the area. After about 5 min of running it seemed to be coming from where the oil filter boss attaches to the side of the block.

Is this a common area for a leak or is there something above i cant see that may be leaking?