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Oil Leak from passenger side


August 21, 2016
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Sarasota, Florida
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2005 Explorer XLT
Well I have an existing oil leak and I'm about 95% sure it's the oil filter adapter. Valve covers used to leak really bad before I bought the car but those have been replaced and torqued properly. The valve cover gaskets and below are bone dry. I noticed the leak on the bottom of the engine, before the bell housing. Everything above the oil adapter housing is clean but the adapter itself and below it is soaked. Front seal is not leaking either. The leak is tiny but I'm aware it's leaking and that bothers me lol.

Basically my question is; in these 4.0L, is the housing gasket just a large o-ring? And do I absolutely have to remove the exhaust manifold to replace it? The clearance is very tight but if the bolt is small maybe I can just get by.