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Oil Leak...I think?


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May 16, 2009
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'93 X Sport
Ok, so my "check oil" light just came on.... for the second time in what I think is about 6 weeks. It comes on for me when I'm about a quart low. So it seems I'm using about a quart every 6 weeks or so.

Now I have no smoke, or strange smelling exhaust, and no sign it's getting burnt. I also have no oil puddles under the truck, ever. But I have noticed what I thought at first was tranny fluid on the 5 speed tranny. I now think it's just oil. (not red, I thought maybe dirty tranny fluid, but with the amount of oil I'm using not thinking it is anymore).

It forms a drop that never falls right at the back of the tranny, every time I've been under the truck there is a drop hanging there, it never falls, and I never have oil on the ground, but inspecting the tranny it looks like it runs all over the top and sides of the tranny, just never get's all the way to the bottom except in the back (wind blown maybe?)

I'm thinking it's got to be leaking it out the back of the motor somewhere onto the tranny, not enough to drip sitting, but when running maybe it does. I'm not sure where the hell the oil is going.

Is there a common leak point on the back of these? Like a rear main seal or something?

i would spray down and degrease the engine and then go looking again when everything is clean .

most likelly if the leak is that high then it's most likelly a valve cover gasket or it's the rear main seal (mine leaks but it's not even a drop that falls down but you can tell by looking under the engine just a wipe and it's gone ...very-very little)

After some looking around at things, I'm pretty sure it's my valve covers leaking. So I'll be taking those off here soon and replacing. Fun fun, it's always something. Keeps ownership interesting. It's the "what's going to be wrong with the X today" game. At least my tools are getting a workout again. I missed greasy hands.