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Oil Leak - Please Help


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January 12, 2009
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Alright - So my 2002 Explorer 4.0 was running in park by my barn and when i moved it i noticed a pool of oil in the snow....

I got underneath - the top bolt between the rear of the engine and the bell (a bit above the oil filter) was loose to the point where i could take it out by hand.......... its not the filter leaking - or the oil pan

could this loose bolt have caused the leak?
could it be a gasket? - what gaskets are there?

the leak seems to be coming slightly above and behind the filter looking at the front of the car

any help would be great - thanks!

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there is a gasket behind/above the oil filter (I had to change mine)...on the 4.6 you have to drain the radiator to change it but I'm not sure on yours. Maybe someone else can chime in on the 4.0...

If you have time to do it yourself its only the cost of the gasket ($15-$20)...I didn't have the time and once they told me I had to drain the radiator I took it in and it was around $150 at my local garage...

Hopefully someone can confirm the gasket is there by your filter on the 4.0...


so yeah it seems its up and behind the filter......kinda weeping down ....
not when the truck is off - but weeps when running in park and probably on the road - pretty good amt after 10 or so minutes
sound like the same thing?
where did you find the gasket - or what is the name of it?
id prefer to bring it in with me and have them do it....
last thing - what was it made out of? - i see a gasket type thing between the bell and engine but it almost feels metallic..
thanks for the responses and ill leave you alone after this!
haha thanks again

You're not bothering me...I like to try and help out when I can - I hope I'm leading you in the right direction...Mine ended up being part of the timing cover gasket set...not excactly sure on the 4.0...but you should be able to get it if at any auto parts store that has a timing cover gasket set (as long as it is part of the same set). My replacement was not metalic (more of a rubber) but I'm not sure what was on there from the factory.

Hope this helps!


no no- even if you are steering me in the wrong direction thats fine....i just wanted to call the service place with an idea of whats going on ..... if i say "i have an oil leak" they may do some work that isnt needed..... if you know what i mean

so im going to have them quote me monday and if its around 150 or 200 or so ill have them do it as opposed to using up a whole day of my life trying to get it right - and if i didnt id have no oil or trans fluid in it! haha

have a 98 silverado and the 02 explorer and im not a huge fan of working on them

my 88 bmw 528e and my 1990 volvo 740T i actually LIKE to work on
probably because they are easier, easier to get at, less wires, and harder to F up hahah

well thanks again and ill post back what happens for the benefit of others

I'm with you...I'll work on an older car any day of the week...won't touch this 2002 I have or the 2007 my wife has...well short of brakes, bearings, oil change, filters, stuff like that...By the way not sure how easy it is to get to that gasket on yours but I had mine on a lift and it looked like it was going to be a SOB...no thanks!

Let us know how it turns out for you...