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Oil leak


June 3, 2011
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Sacramento, CA
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2000 XLT
I have an oil leak coming from above my oil filter somewhere. I know my valve cover gaskets are leaking, and I plan on replacing those. My oil pan is not leaking, as far as I can tell. I just notice on the filter I can see where it's dripping down from above it. I was told it could be the oil pressure sending unit, but after doing some research I've found the sensor is on the opposite side of the motor. So, other than the covers, I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on where it could be leaking from.


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Oil fiter base adapter o'ring might be the culprit.

Yep, took a good look and sure enough that's it. I'm just trying to figure out how to get at it without removing the exhaust manifold...

No need to remove the manifold...

Just drop the exhaust y-pipe and then you can get to it from the passenger side wheel opening...

I noticed a leak around my oil filter too, after checking it out I noticed the oil dip stick guide was completely corroded and was leaking oil. Check yours out.