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oil leak


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December 2, 2011
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North Carolina
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2001 Ford Sport Trac
2001, Gen 2, 2wd, 135k miles, the oil pan gasket is leaking. Plan on replacing the gasket this month during the oil change. Should I change the oil pump when I have the pan off and how much of a pain is this job? Is there a link to a service book that I can use?
Dave P.

Back in my racing days when I was building my own engines, I would say this is a no brainer, for the few dollars cost of a new oil pump, I would say yes. Just make sure you upgrade to a "high volume" model, not a "high pressure" model. I have always ran Melling pumps and NEVER had an oil problem in my race engines.


Good luck!

Thanks, I agree on the no brained. A friend of mine is a mustang person and i asked him about changing the oil pump and he agreed. He checked his forum and found one post and the post said it was a real PIA. Before i go into this, i want to look at the procedure so i have an idea how to do it and the torque values. I just changed the oil pump on my F-150 300/6cyl. That was a a challenge getting the pan off.