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Oil out vs. Oil In - 05 Ex w_rear AC


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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
I've removed and am replacing my Compressor, Condenser, Suction / Discharge and Liquid line, Accumulator, Orifice, rear Filter and Expansion Valve (If I can find them.)

I emptied the old compressor of oil, barely any came out. Some oil came out of the hoses, none came out of the condenser and most came out of the old accumulator.
In all, 1.5 oz of oil came out.

The system takes 13 oz of oil. I guess I'm just surprised at how little came out.

Should I only put 1.5 back in?

I'm doing all of this because the system started to blow warm air and an odd noise was coming from lines near the orifice tube.
Putting the gauges on it, the low side (with the car off and the ac system not having run for 3 weeks) was reading north of 80. The orifice when I pulled it was clean, no debris at all. The oil that came out did have some debris in it. What looked like tiny rocks and some black specs, but not much. Mostly clean looking.

When I draw a vacuum, will that remove some oil? Someone had told me once to add 2 oz to the system because the vacuum will pull that much out.