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Oil Pan Gasket replacement


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October 20, 2008
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97 AWD 5.0
Hi All,

I have a 97 explorer AWD 5.0. The oil pan gasket is leaking right by the rear corner by the dipstick tube. Then it drips right onto the exhaust and onto the o2 sensor(which is bad im assuming from the oil dripping on it.) I have been looking for info on changing the oil pan gasket but not much is on here. Has anybody changed the gasket before? The only thing i found was that people say you have to remove the engine from the truck to replace the gasket.

Thanks in advance,
Joe C.

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You can't access the pan bolts from the bottom?

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To drop the oil pan on your vehicle means to take the engine out. Or drop the whole front end, disconnect the engine mounts and raise the engine some 2-3" (that might affect the headers gaskets like it happened to me).
This is because the front part of the drivetrain that is under the pan. And partially the steering rack and cross member for the rack... the oil pump pick up won't allow the pan to "slide" sideways, the pan it needs to go "down".

I would try to clean the area with the leak perfectly and then slap some oil-resistant RTV/gasket maker inside the weeping hole. Maybe loose the closer bolts and shove in there the RTV.

If you drop the front diff, unbolt the engine from its mounts and lift it up till it hits the body you can just squeeze the pan out between the oil pump and the steering rack.

Nobody has any advice?

Try tightening the bolts around the pan first--:thumbsup:

tighten the center bolts first, work your way out from there.

edit--not too tight, just make them "snug" assuming you are using a 3/8" drive ratchet. 10ft lbs --or 120 in lb is all it takes.

its not a bad leak at all. if it wasnt dripping on the 02 sensor, i wouldnt really care. but the real problem is my mpg dropped drastically a few months ago from about 18-19 to 13. i dont want to change the 02 sensor without fixing the oil from dripping on it.

Sonic i know that putting RTV on the way you describe isnt a real fix, but i did exactly that. I smeared a hefty amount of RTV all around the pan then re-torqued the bolts on the pan like Turdle said. It might not fix the leak, but really all i want is the leak to drip elsewhere.

Thanks for all the help guys. Hopefully it goes ok for now.

I did that temporary fix to my wife's Sonata 10 years ago. Still holds.