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oil pan gasket


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March 3, 2009
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Los Angeles
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97 Sport OHV
My oil pan is leaking and its getting worse so I guess I will have to change the gasket I did a search is there a "how to?" to remove the oil pan? can it be done with the engine in the truck?
I read a few posts but I am not to sure if it applies in my situation, is it a complicated job is there an easy way to do this? i'm gettin a little worried the friggin haynes manual says the motor has to come out but the post's says it doesnt have to?

97 sport OHV 2wd

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Are you sure its not the pan rusted through?

Nope I have been watching it for a while its been real hard to figure out it only drips about a drop or 2 a day but its all over the rear of the pan not the filter not the drain plug. But it does look likes its leaking from around the edge of the pan. But I am still not real shure this is where its coming from. There is no rust on the pan at all.

Or maybe I could just tighten up the bolts a little any harm in that?

I've looked at it myself before and I don't see why you couldn't take it off without removing the engine.. then again sometimes you don't see why until you get halfway through. :)

My old Crown Vic was another story, tho. You had to lift the engine up because the oil pan was designed to fit around the steering rack.

Hmm but you think if i just re torqued the bolts that might work?

Snug them up and see what happens. They may have worked loose