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Oil pan removal


July 1, 2006
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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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96 Explorer Sport
Hi All, reading in my Chilton manual about removing the oil pan, says you have to remove engine? Looks like there is plenty of room under there to remove it with no problems. I want to change the pan gasket cause it has developed a small leak. Also want replace timing chain/sprockets water pump. I have a 96 X Sport 4.0L OHV, my real question is about pulling motor to pull timing cover and oil pan. Thanks

2WD or 4WD? From what I can find, removing and installing the oil pan on a 2WD Explorer is pretty straightforward, and doesn't require removal of the engine. Removing the oil pan in a 4WD doesn't require removal of the engine either, but it does require some fanagiling with the front axle and driveshaft as those components apparently get in the way of things.

You might as well plan on doing that along with the timing chain because according to what I have, removing oil pan is step 2 in getting to the timing chain. I'm not sure how easy it would be to work on that with the engine in place, though, hopefully someone who's done this on an OHV will butt in...

they are referring to the v8, which does in fact need to motor to be pulled to drop the pan. the v6 has room.