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Oil Pressure Question?


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October 31, 2010
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Ridgecrest, Ca
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92 xl
Last week I had just bought a 92 Explorer and during the initial test drive up the hill and back I noticed the oil pressure is well sitting between the R and M on normal in the gauge. Well, after about a week of driving it everyday it seems to be getting lower and lower. It is now sitting on the N. The owner were an older couple that had this sitting around as a vehicle to go to the dump in and haul trash so they didn't drive it much. THe oil level is about midway on the dipstick zone. Its got 167200 miles on a 4.0L. and a small oil leak from the passenger bank valve cover. Any ideas why? I'm thinking that since it sat a lot a bunch of gunk got settled at the bottom and now that I am driving it. stuff is starting to stir up. Also, how responsive is the oil pressure gauge. In most vehicles I have driven, when the RPM's go up so does the oil pressure, however in the explorer it stays the same no matter what.

im thinking youre right on the gunk setteling. and the oil pressure gauge on explorers is a dummy gauge. it reads normal above a certain number of psi, it does not flctuate. and i think you might have low oil pressure.