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Oil pressure


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What oil pressure should i be getting at idle on my 4.0L after driving for 30 mins (engine is fully warmed)? Thanks.

BTW - I still can't seem to find an answer the fitting I need to connect to the schrader valve on the fuel rail for a fuel pressure guage... Guess there really isnt a difference with them as far as fluids go, might as well just go with the only one I can find...


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Specs call for 40-60 psi hot @2000rpm. Mine runs about 45-50psi at 2000 rpm hot.

Good, it starts off idling at 60psi, then moves down to a low of 20 psi and stays there while hot at idle. It's like 40 psi at 1200 rpm and 45-50 at driving speed. 20 idle psi just seemed a little low... Thanks