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oil question lincolnshire


August 29, 2009
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hi im after some oil for my rear diff and im struggling to find any 75w140 oil, is it ok to use 80-90, ive got a whine from rear diff so before i fork out for another diff i thought id try oil change, ive got the modifier , does anyone know of any were in lincolnshire i could get some, cheers rob

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Ford UK and your handbook recommend the 80W90 but forum members suggest the upgrade of oil to 75/140.
Opie oils do some plus we have a forum discount but that is if you can wait for post!!
You could try independent motor factors if you have any near you. If they don't have it they may be able to get it overnight for you.
The friction modifier helps to prevent chatter under loads that occur under more extreme conditions like off road and towing.
I spoke to the guys from millers oils at the ford fair this year and they do a 75/140 that they insist doesn't require the modifier coz its already in their recipe. i seem to remember that they can sell online enough to do the refill for about £60.

As for the job there is a how to on the US site with video. There is no gasket so you need some RTV sealant to reassemble.

I've gotta do this at some point as i have a small leak. I'm planning on repainting the cover whilst it is off but haven't decided on a colour yet. My ex is red over grey so i'm thinkin a red cover might work or maybe yellow or maybe just black, too many choices my brain hurts.

Back to your diff. if its a whine an oil change would be the way i'd go before changin out the hardware. If it doesn't fix the whine and you have to change the diff then you can reuse the new oil anyway.
good luck.

friction modifier or new rear diff

hi all, tried redline diff oil and ford friction modifier but its not made any difference, so it looks like new diff, so if anyone as one id be interested, whats puzzling is that noise is the same from under handbrake area, which puts me in a slight dilema, is it transferbox or diff, noise is evident under load and comes in from start and is speed related and sometimes is there when i slow down to stop, bit like a electric milkfloat, also noticed when car is ticking over thers a click from underneath and revs drop at the same time, any thoughts anyone cheers rob

I would guess the 'click' you can hear is the aircon pump switching on and off.
Try putting the distribution dial to 'OFF' and see if it stops clicking.

friction modifier or new rear diff

top man that stops the clicking issue, thanks for that, just got to sort the noise out, cheers rob:thumbsup:

Ay up Rob,
If, like mine, your aircon pump 'clicks' every 4 or 5 seconds while idling, then I would say you need the aircon topping up. I have to do mine every year with one of the top up bottles. [Halfords]
Takes me about an hour to get it in!!!
The click is then about 15 seconds.
Might take mine for a proper degas and fill next year.