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ok guys/gals...you gotta help me.....please??


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December 25, 2001
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san diego, california
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94 navajo
im gettin an eclipse 88100dvc sub from ym very rich friend. anyway, its a 10 and ill include the specs off the site

but does anyone have this sub??? i want to make a ported box, but i have no clue on what size, size of port, where to put the port, where to put the sub, or anythign like that.

pretty much i can build it if someone has plans



Fs: 24Hz
Qts: 0.49
DCR: 3.0/coil
Vas: 2.21cuft
(one way) 1.17

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you might try this link - Dead Link Removed

ok, i decided on a sealed box....soooooooooo how big should i make it??

i want to design it specifically for my truck...i just need an interior volume

i have e-mailed eclipse a couple times with no answer and i calle dthem but nobody ever picked up(i was on hold for like 30 minutes)

for a sealed enclosure i get 2.12
for ported i get 4.28

hey leenjen.......would there ba any possible way for you to design me a ported enclosure??


or maybe you know someone that would?

i want to build a ported enclosure, but there are too many calculations and a lot of the stuff confuses me...also, i dont have much time between school and work to do a lot of research

ok, give me a few minutes.

ok, with the subwoofer rear facing. and the box made out of 3/4" MDF
17"H * 38"W * 15*D
the volume of this enclosure is 4.42cuft. it'll work perfect.
now, get a 4" holesaw and some PVC pipe to make the ports (unless you plan on using something else).
i designed it so that you can put two ports in it (one on each side of the subwoofer if you want).
with two 4" diameter ports, the length of each ports should be 7.7" long if you want it tuned @ 38HZ. if you want it uned @ 40HZ, then make them 6.65" long.
and if you want it tuned @ 34HZ, the ports should be 10.3" long.

so to sum it all up:
two 4" diameter ports that are 7.7" long (for 38 HZ)

which would give me the best mix of SQ and SPL??

alos, for the ports.....they will be round right?? i will cut 1 4 inch circle on each side of the sub....then glue the pvc into place right???

by the way...thanks a **** load!!

38HZ should give a good mix of SQ and SPL.

thank you soooo much man

no problem.

just make sure you brace it well. you dont want the box to flex. and measure twice, cut once;)