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OK I"m ready, BUT

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September 6, 2015
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Nowata, Oklahoma
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1998 Explorer
Guys, I just purchased my doner truck. A 98 Ex 5.0 auto. My baby is a 98 Sport with 4.0 ohv. The only question I have is the gentleman that has the beautiful blue Sport [MENTION=61294]vroomzoomboom[/MENTION] had a write up on how to do the swap. Where I'm puzzled is on the electrical. In the write up he states that the two large wires at the power distribution box won't be used for the 5.0 swap, but the terminals will be used later. What will go to those connections later? Is there a write up that explains the electrical more detailed? Thank you.

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you dont use your 4L wires going to that spot, you reuse the wires from the 5L motor and bolt them back into that spot. i am trying to remember where those wires end up. they are for either your alt, starter or battery. i am trying to think of the best way to explain which 2 of the 3 they are....

Kinda lost.

I've read your article at least 50 times and I'm ok with everything till I get to the electrical. Kinda confused about the C139 and C125 connectors. I thought if I had both 98 harness's that I would be ok.

The wiring is not difficult, especially if both vehicles were built the same half of the same year. I have write on the wiring as well. I don't think any 2 people have done it the same way.