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ok. lets see some pics of price less mods

Ok, everyone. Have you or a friend ever had an idea to do something to your, or someone else's explorer. Something that you can't buy. It may seem "ghetto" or cool customization. But what ever it is, whether it is worthy or embarrasing to show off, we wan't to see it. It may even lead to some really cool mod that you may have been holding out on us because you thought it was stupid. I am always looking for new cool stuff. Please feel free to post some pics..........who's first?

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Rear door will not open no matter what.:fire: Can not get door panal off because its up tight to door jamb. This happens on a day that I've got a bunch of young kids from 5 to 10 years old going on a field trip They start arguing and screaming about how no one is going to sit next to that door. By this time I can't take it anymore.:frustrate I said "give me 5 minutes. You should have seen the look on their faces when I came back with a saw-zall.:confused: I explained to them that now if the door does not open , that all you have to do is to reach thru the really cool looking emergency entrance hole and grab that DAMN rod and yank. We were under way in less then 1/2 hour. A year later that hole is still there. I think it makes a nice addition and have no plans to fix it.

My friend and i woke up one day and said lets build a bumper.... So we did.

Other than tires i have 150$ in mods.


Free add a leafs from a ranger, $50 for shackles, $100 for the body lift, cranked torsion bars.

So, the locker, CB, custom leaf packs, transfer case, intake, and shift kit were free too?

Free stuff

I think ill have you do the talking for me from know on.when i go to the parts store. :eek:


I only listed the free mods.... the rest started costing me more and more.

And i guess i should say ranger/explorer hybrid leaf packs... but they are custom and Ranger/Explorer Hybrid wont fit in my sig line.

I did get my locker for fairly cheap though think it was 50$ i paid for it plus i had to help do some work on the guy i bought it for.

I picked the shift kit up off Ebay and installed it myself i think that came up to 65$

CB was on sale at Walmart for $38 plus open box discout of 50%

I traded my stock intake for the KKM intake when a guy on the board wanted to snorkel his truck.

I go the transfercase for free b/c its previous owner thought it needed a bearing but only needed to have the fluid pickup moved out of the way of the chain where it had broken loose from the mount.

Overall you can build a fairly capable explorer for cheap if you shop around.