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OK, they are NOT h1 bulbs, they are.....

....9145 ???

I had a post earlier about replacing my foglight bulbs with some yellow H1s. Well, today I decided to pull one of the bulbs to see, and it turns out it is not an H1, but a sylvania 9145. I have never heard of this before. It looks like a 9005 bulb, but it is only 55w, not 100 like most 9005.

Anyone know where I can find a replacement 9145? I have checked all the lighting websites so far and nothing at all. I am stumped:confused:

it's called platinum cladding, and i have the i think parchment grey leather, no third row

Yours is my trucks cousin then. :D

Mine looks just like yours on the outside, with the rims and tube steps ( I like them better than the fiberglass ones;) ) I dont have leather though. I have the Platinum grey cloth buckets that you can only get on the NBX:cool:

I originally went to look at one exactly like yours, but it sold 1/2 an hour before i got there. But, the one I bought had just come off the truck.

Where did you get your rear cargo area cover? Is is the roll-up type? I can't find this anywhere... not even at fordaccessories.com. If it's OEM, do you have a part number?

03 Black XLT Sport pkg w/ V8


i usually save things like that, sorry i through it away.

you can go to any ford dealer [or e-mail ford parts net] and tell them you have a '02 xlt [or whatever year] and you need the rear cargo cover.

their only question should be grey or tan.

yes, it is the roll up/out kind just like the older explorers.

if they try to tell you it won't work or you can't use it, THEY ARE WRONG!!!!

it just won't work with the seat up, it won't fit over it.