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Ok Which Radius arms for the Dana 44 Swap?

Ok well I have seen some different posts around here about different radius arms for the Dana 44 swap and thought we could combined them all into one thread. I would like to know wich ones are the best to get or the best bang for the buck. The wristed Radius arms from BC Broncos, the extended arms for the fullsize Bronco from Bronco graveyard or the stock ones from a 78-79 Big Bronco? Or if anyone knows of any different types please post here with the info.

Please post your opinions or experience with the different ones. Click the links to read about the two I listed. Thanks.

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There is alot to say about these. They are pretty impressive. Lost of good things about them but they look pretty complicated and not as durable as the ones from Bronco Graveyard. Looks like more parts to break.

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The extended arms look pretty simple and verry durable. The article stated that the arms gave about 1 1/4" off additional lift and improved the ramp performance about 23%. They are also have a bend in them for clearence of bigger tires. The arms also come with 5 degrees of caster built in.

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From what I know, BC isn't selling the twister arm anymore because they were so far behind in production they had to stop and catch up. I have no idea if or when they will start up again.

A stock early bronco arm is roughly the same length as a Skyjacker extended radius arm for a TTB, so anything longer than that really won't do much other than hang down and possibly be snagged by a something.

I'd just run a stock D44 radius arm and wrist it myself.

My choice - Start with 78/79 radius arms. They are the longest stock radius arms Ford made - they are about 6" longer than Superlift's Superrunner radius arms.

My radius arm mounts had to be moved back to the tranny cross member location because of the length.

And the longer the radius arm, the better the flex.

Then you wrist it, and bingo! everyone is jealous. :D

Joe check out www.rockstomper.com . I betcha if you were to go up there he would build you a twister arm for a good deal along with a regular arm. He has this sweet ranger in his shop right now you should check out anyway... it has radius arms on both ends, Dual D60's 4-wheel stear, 351 stroked... etc... Sweet setup. He will build you what you want for the twister stuff. At least I don't see why not. :) He is a nice guy too, which is really cool.

So the best bang for the Buck is going to be the stock arm from a 78-79 with one of them wristed?

Ryan I had no idea those guys were in Colorado. Looks like I need to make a trip up there to check them out.

Originally posted by Joe93

Ryan I had no idea those guys were in Colorado. Looks like I need to make a trip up there to check them out.

Yeah its a nice little place. He just moved into his new shop. His old one was at his house and the new one is a real shop. He can make ya anything you want.... :) He just would need your truck for a bit to make it fit.

Someday when Maranda and I get ahead in the bills dept. we will be getting him to make a rear bumper, cage, and probably have him help me with the solid front axle. :D

"TRUCKS" on tnn is doing an EB and they used radius arms from Duffs. pretty sweet actauley. had a nice bend for tire clearence, and the sweetest thing i noticed was that the arm and the "c" shaped piece were seperate and bolted together with 2 bolts... the question becomes did they design it that way to un-do one bolt? Instant wristed arm!!

The Duff arms would not work effectively as wristed arms because they would only allow the axle to pivot in one direction, up or down, depending on which bolt was removed.

true true

What about these radius arms??? There 12" longer then stock and are made for axles we all use for the swap.


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Who's are those? They kinda look like the ones from Bronco Graveyard.

A buddy e-mailed me the pic but with a little searching they are the ones from Bronco Graveyard.

I was thinking about those arms. If longer is better then these should kick butt. But is there such a thing as to long of a Radius arm?

only if it hits your rear axle on droop LOL

To an extent, I wouldnt think you would want them so long that where they attach sits behind where your front driveshaft connects to the t-case. That might cause some funny angles