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Okay another cold start check and see if I'm on the right trail


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February 11, 2003
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00E.B.,93 xlt 92 xlt
2000 E.B. 4.0 sohc will all the recall done 96,000 miles
some cold days it will not idel even after a 40 minute drive
some cold days it idles fine
same on some normal days (40-60 degrees)

if it was lower intake it would miss and not idle all the time correct and after it warms up it would idle...corect?

I think it the IAC vavle sticking some days (I have cleaned it once) when it was acting up then it idled fine..

no codes

I'm thinking cleaning wont help it again so off to oreily's to get a new one..

where is a good source for intakes for this motor
time to start modifying it intake, breather, redoing the cat ;) .

one more thing is the iac interchanable with any other ford motors like the 300 6cycl 302 or 351?

I was having the same issue but on my 5.O. Replaced the IAC and resolved the problem. Sure is nice not to have to hold my foot on the pedal in the mornings anymore.

okay cleaned it agian still same problem chased a vacum leak for a hour never found it ...while truck was running I smaked the iac with a scredriver and bam its ideling right... but the sound of a vacum leak is there and I can't find it. :fire: