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Oklahoma Snow

Trying to get to work during Snow Storm I, taking the snow route (that hadn't been plowed) I managed to get stuck.


I took this from inside...the part sticking out would be the driver door handle.


Here is the trench that was dug the next night by my father, my spouse and I:


You can see the snow plow in the distance that was working when we got there and still working when we left. The white truck is my dad's, no 4x4 but he was able to get me out with a few tugs. My reverse had stopped working, turns out my 4x4 was stuck between on & off. Once it warmed up I got it to unstick and got my reverse back.
January 19, 2009
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Turlock, CA
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'91 Explorer
Scenarios like this are the main reason I keep potable water and a sleeping bag in my X. Well, this and the Zombie Apocalypse... :D

Glad to see you both you and the vehicle got out alright.


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June 26, 2010
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97 Mt. 5.0L AWD
I've got tire chains for every wheel, but even with that there's a limit I think. I worry about all that snow/ice tearing into the transmission cooler lines. Probably not an issue with your generation though.