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old leaves good for soa

91'explorer 2wd

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March 5, 2001
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'92 XLT 4x4
so i'm planning 2 do a soa in the back and the 5.5 in the front. but i'm wondering if the leaves will do? they are 11 years old. if i do the whole lift and a soa in the rear does that mean i'd get like 10 inches of lift in the back? curiou s bakon thanks

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the spring over axle conversion in the back is how you get lift in the back, there is no additional lift required.

Your old leaves are probably shot, but they still work, so its up to you, you can spend the $300+ for a new set of leaf springs or you can retain your existing.

The spring over axle conversion in the rear will match the 5.5 Superlift front lift nicely. Dont forget the rear will still require new shocks, an extended brake line, and possibly custom shock mounts, sway bar links, depending on how far you want to take it...

The only way you get 10" of lift is to do a spring over axle, then add a 4" lift block or 4" lift leaf springs, that would just be stupid...........

well what exactly are sway bar links . i'm not 2 smart so the helps greatly appreciated. on and it would be better than a body lift. the only problem is lifting it up 4 inches in the front after the 5.5.:D

WOW you are blowing my mind!!

Okay here it goes.

the Superlift 5.5" lift kit will include:

4 shocks
2" drop pitman arm for the steering
5.5" lift coils for the front
5" drop brackets for the axle pivot points in the front
5" drop brackets for the radius arms up front OR extended radius arms

All that stuff lifts the front 5"

to get the lift in the back (to match) you preform the spring over axle conversion.

Nothing more to do, this will yield approx 5" of lift up front and 4" of lift in hte back, which will make your truck sit level.........every truck is a little different.

Sway bar links need to get longer as you lift the truck, in some cases.......

I have been told by my 4x4 shop that you can also turn the rear springs around and squeeze maybe an inch more in the rear.

The superlift website has a ton of information on lifting.

Sway bar links are the part of the lift kit which connects the lifted frame to the sway bars.

so is there any other way 2 lift the front any more after the 5.5 lift? bein a ttb it's pretty tough i'm assuming. or would i have 2 get some custom coils up front and extend all the rest?

I am sorry is this a 2wd Explorer? I missed that :)

That changes a few things!!

Not much but some.

Why do you want more then 5.5" of lift up front?
6" of lift on aan Explorer is alot!

There are other ways to gain tire clearance, and there is always the body lift......

no it's a 4x4 just don't wanna change my name . i used 2 own a 2wd. but after the 5.5 is there any other way to get a few more inches under there. i don't even wanna think about the body lift onless there's no other way. i just don't like the gap between the bumper and body. that's all thanx


haven't people been able to eliminate the TTB limits by swapping to the straight axle in the front.

Alot more fab work and planning and cost and it definately won't be an easy bolt on, but it would let you do some higher things i think

just a thought, runa search for it and you will find it

You will get more lift when you switch to the larger tires that the suspension lift will allow you to fit!