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Old Man Emu Leaf spring for 1st gen ex's

Peter Westling

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December 4, 2003
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Rosersberg, Sweden
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'93 XLT
Hi everyboy.

Does anybody know if the Old Man Emu leaf springs OME36 fits into the 1st gens?

And if it does, combined with warrior shackles would it give me 2" + 2" = 4" lift in the rear?

Last Q is, by replacing the leaf springs, would the infamous "saggy rear" be cured?

I will combine it with new rear nitro shocks from roughcountry...


i dunno if the OME36s will fit a 1st gen but.. wow umm putting in OME leaf springs plus shackles will more than fix the 'saggy rear' end.. ur rear end will be about a mile higher than the front.. i mean even just shackles by themselves makes Explorers looks kinda nosed down when the front suspension is left untouched.

i think i should mention this cauz there's another solution to getting that much lift in the rear end - spring under axle. the problem is is that it requires a welder and a grinder so this might get costly compared to just buying bolt up parts (the springs and the shackles).

anyways, good luck, lets go snowboarding in sweden sometime hmmkay?

We have a set of OME-36 on our '92 xlt. I got them from Rick (I don't remember how long he had them installed).

Make sure you get the bushings with them.. When I got them, a bushing fell out at ricks house. I spend a few days trying to track down a set of stock 2nd gen bushings.. was almost impossible (might be much easier now). Luckily, Rick found it and shipped it to me.

I have well over 130k miles on them.. and it is time to replace them.. The arch is now gone (they are flat).. and I run them with a set of War-153 shackles. The springs and shackles gave me about a 4" lift.. I'm down to 3" or so in the rear now.

They OME springs worked great for wheeling.. I got lots of suspension travel, and they felt much better than stock. They aren't the best for towing and they are soft..

Here is 2 pics of how much flex they gave me.. (this pic is about 50k miles ago).



I'm looking at doing a SOA conversion now.. If I didn't do that, I would go with a new set of OME springs.. I really like them.

IZWack: Since my front coils has sacked so much that aligment, camber cannot be done properly I will replace the front coils and suspension. I will go for the roughtcountry 1,5" leveling kit and see what happens. Then I will get about 2,5" since the 1" I already lost with worn out coils...
I might just test with homemade shackles first, if I find the rear end saggy even if the rear shocks has been replaced then I'll just replace with the OME springs and put back the stock shackles. I want the same height in front and rear.
If you get to Sweden, we will snowboard!

Maniak: Thanks for the pics and the tips about bushings.

I'll get back and post the before and after to the "show of your lifted" thread when the job is done. I will also add a 3" BL that I included in the order from roughcountry.