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Old man sounding


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June 16, 2009
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2007 EB and 1999 XLT
My 99 2wd sounds like an old man, creaking and popping. I don't really notice any handling issues, just the noise.

I once heard that you should be able to bounce the front end, and if it bounces more than 3 times, the shocks were bad. It seems like they might be fine, but I figure I could replace them anyway, since it has 190,000 miles, and I don't know how long ago they were replaced.

What else should I look into replacing to stop this old man noise? Should I worry about the rear suspension?

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mines kinda grumbly sounding as well, i can feel a little knock in the steering wheel but other than that there is no deicsernable difference in handling. unless the decay was so gradual i didnt really notice. i'm going to replace the lower ball joints and front shock absorbers and if i still get something funky from up front i'm going to do tierod ends. you may want to check you swaybar end links, mine broke one at 170K.

I actually just replace a sway bar link (at least I think that is what it was..) I was going to replace the otherside, and figured I would just wait for it to break too.

I am looking into the ball joints, not sure if it is something I want to tackle myself, but I a brake job too. So once I have the wheel off, and caliper off, might as well do the lower ball joint I figure.

Most likely it will be ball joints, end links, sway bar body mounts, door latch bushings.

The bounce test doesn't work on the Ex, if you have more than 50,000 on shocks, replace them. The stockers I pulled off my '95 bounced one time during the bounce test, yet were so gone I could pull them up with one finger once removed.

Door latch bushings?

The poly bushings on the door strikers. If you have creaking noises when pulling into driveways, replace them. Fixed my noises, and several members. The Dorman kit replaces them on the tailgate.

So I plan to replace the lower ball joint, and the shocks. I have read a sticky on the ball joints, but is there a post about how to replace the shocks?

I am not a mechanic, so I have limited tools, but I can turn a wrench, swing a hammer, and pump a jack...

Any insight?