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OMG! 11 DTC's!!!!! Help!!!!


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April 3, 2007
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'98 XLT
Alright I just pulled the codes from the X this afternoon and was not happy with the results. I ended up pulling 11 yes 11 codes.(This is not a joke) The first 5 were emissions related and the rest were tranny codes. The thing that is wierd is that I just got the CEL and blinking O/D this morning on the way to work. Please offer any help if you can before I start shotgunning parts at this POS. Here goes.
P1409-EVR Control Circuit Malfunction
^^o2 SENSORS ^^
I dont know why they would all go at the same time? Doesnt make any sense to me? I dont think the issue is actually the 02 sensors, I think it may be something causing ALL of them to trip at once, What I dont know...

P0765-Shift Solenoid D Malfunction
P0760-Shift Solenoid C Malfunction
P0755-Shift Solenoid B Malfunction
P0750-Shift Solenoid A Malfunction
P0743-Torque Converter Clutch System Electrical
P1747-Pressure Control Solenoid "A" Short Circuit

^^Tranny related^^

I have no clue where to start here any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

I do have one idea, Run this POS into a tree...

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if this all came at once i would think you have a short or a bad ground or a bad unit...first, was the truck running ok before this?

This is not a failure in all these circuits at once. There is a larger grand culprit causing all this at the same time. I'd post in the Under the Hood computers section. This is likely PCM related somehow.. or a harness that took a direct hit by road debris or got damaged somehow in my opinion....or a short somewhere causing a main fuse to blow.
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Yea thats the strange thing. I did replace one of the o2 sensors to pass inspection, but other than that, everything else ran fine. The trans shifted fine and everything was wonderful. No this thing does not want to run. After I pulled the codes I cleared them and ran the truck to make sure that it was not a fluke, with in 5-10 min of driving the CEL and the O/D flash came back. The only symptom that is noticable is that starting out from a stop is sluggish at best. The more I hit the Accel the more it feels like the truck wants to stall out, almost like it is starved for gas. And thats the funny part, this all started after I ran it out of gas yesterday. I put gas in it, and it ran fine, I try to go to work this morning and its a no go.

um check the big wiring plug that connects the transmission sensors, t case sensor (or VSS), and all 4 of your 02 sensors to the computer harness.

I suspect your big wiring plug (back of firewall behind engine) has an issue.
Also could be the big square wiring plug on the side of your transmission.

Exhaust may have melted wires??

Check visual before you go replacing your PCM

as glacier991 said, i would start looking for a set of damaged more than likely have had something cut or damaged...your truck will not run well at all as it is trying to compensate what it can for the codes....

Thanks for all of the ideas. I will collect the information, and give it all a try tomorrow after work. Keep the ideas coming. Thanks.

One thing I should mention is that I did disconnect the big square plug at the transfer case to verify an issue I was having with the t-case engaging prematurely during acceleration. That was disconnected for a short time and then reconnected. It was reconnected during and after I pulled the DTC's

always start with the last thing you touched :p

LOL. I did double check the connection. I suppose that I probably should triple check though. Maybe I bent a pin or something? I will add that to the list of many things to do....Again, keep the ideas coming.


Well I believe that I may have found the culprit!? I crawled und the X and double checked all of the electrical connections and looked for damaged wires (burnt) I found nothing. I pulled both VSS and did find that the rear VSS was "fouled" a bit with x-fer case "dust." I cleaned that and returned it home. I then went up top to see what I could see. I checked all of the upper harness connections including the vac lines. This is where I found the potential issue. The Big square connector on the drivers side valve cover was loose(the bolt was not all the way tightend down) less than hand tight. So I pulled the plug, checked for bent pins and re-installed making sure it was seated firmly. I have my fingers crossed that this will sovle the problem!! I have my reservations though, NOTHING is ever that easy...

dust actually is a big cause of for the loose bolt that may be a ground contact but not sure, but it sounds like you may be resolving your issues...keep us informed of any codes and i got my fingers crossed for you...

the bolt he was talking about is the bolt that holds the two wiring plugs together (big square plug) if its loose then all or most of the wires leading to his transmission would be loose which would explain 11 dtc's all related to trans and 02 sensor circuits

btw 410, did you get my pm??? and i'm glad it sounds like white98 is fixed and it was cheap...

Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy the last 48hrs. My wife and I just had a baby girl this morning, Ember Grace 9-5 @ 20" in case you were wondering.

The loose wire harness nodoubt was the problem. That was by far the cheapest and easiest fix that I have ever had! at first I was a bit apprehensive b/c after having the battery disconnected to clear everything, I took it fora test drive and the CEL fired up again... There was no more blinking O/D lite which made me happy, but the CEL still bothered me. I figured that it would go away after a few drive cycles and I was right(there is a first for everything). The CEL just went off this afternoon. I still would like to take it to Avance or something to clear whatever might be hiding the continuous memory and for piece of mind.

Thanks again to all of you guys for your help. I hope I can help someone as you have helped me.

:thumbsup: :salute:

congrats on both or should i say all 3 of your girls....:D