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On board air - Puma or this...


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July 19, 2004
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I'd go with more cfm. I have a 1 gallon air compressor I use for nail guns mostly, when I use it to fill my stock tires it empties REALLY quick and takes forever to fill back up due to it's low cfm.

More CFM. It's easy to add another tank to the Puma, a complete replacement to get more CFM.

I'd love to tell you how the Puma works, I haven't finished my install yet. I have the compressor mounted, but I have the 1.5 tank, a 3.0 tank, and the lines etc to do yet. I like the 3.0 cfm rating, that's what I was looking for. Good luck,


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What about a co2 bottle type system? They have a service preasure of 1800 PSI. You can get a bottle and regulator off e-bay for a little over 100 bucks. Can you run air tools on co2? If so how long will it last?

Not sure if they are available yet, but Warn has a new line of compressors. The best one puts out 8cfm, you can bet it will be pricey though.


I got one of those Puma's myself, i'm anxious to see how it does with my 37's.

I got one of those Puma's myself, i'm anxious to see how it does with my 37's.

what happen with you powertank?:confused:

Still got it, it's just not convenient for me to go get it filled. The only place in my area is a half hour drive each way and only fills in the mornings which means drive out and back after work then pick it up the next day:rolleyes:
PowerTanks are great, i just wanted to see how good the Puma does on the new meats.
Sorry FAT CAT, now back to your thread:D