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? on how to convert 2x4 to 4x4

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from what i hear it's cheaper to trade your truck in on a 4x4

It would take:

4WD Tranny Tailshaft
Transfer Case
Front & Rear Driveshafts
Front Differential
Half Shafts
4WD Radio Bezel

And thats about it. The parts list isn't too long, but it can be pricey. Especially since you'll need to remove the tranny to get the tailshaft swapped. But if you come across a smokin deal on a donor truck, it can be well worth it if you can do a lot/most the work yourself!

Its more cost effective just to trade in a 2wd for a 4wd... Doing a conversion is gonna be a pain.. Section's did a 2WD to a AWD conversion on his Explorer.. He can tell you how much money & time it takes to do one..

wow, ok well that kills that idea. thanks for your input.

but if you wanted to do a SAS then all it would take would be a tcase and new tailshaft on tranny.. and the sas stuff

if your going to do it, use a manual t-case, like the factory borg-warners or an Atlas II. this way you dont have to worry about computer and electrical work, which will be your biggest problem.

but, yea, if your going to do a 4wd conversion, you might as well do a SAS too.

I think it's 4x2. A 2x4 is a piece of wood....