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On my way to the Supercharger!

I'm probably posting this prematurely, but I'm so excited! It turns out I just got an infusion of cash, so I might be able to afford the supercharger! I have to somehow get my parents to approve and help out a little bit, but I think its very possible I could have it done by late January. I also have to determine if I can do it myself (with a little help), or if I need to have it professionally installed. I'll also need to get a larger MAS, so that's another $300.

So has anyone heard anything lately about the BBK supercharger? I know there was a big buzz a while back, and I even called truckperformance.com to see what's up. I'm gonna give them another call and ask them if they've shipped any, and if they're actually shipping on time.

So, anyone want to sponsor the first BBK-charged Explorer on this site? Rick, you wanna help ;) j/k. I'll keep y'all posted!

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This supercharger is not difficult to install from what i've heard. Its as simple as taking off the intake hose, disconecting all wires and hoses from the intake manifold, removing 8 or so nuts from the upper intake, pulling the intake off, and installing the supercharger. This is assuming ur getting the bbk instacharger roots type. I dont think it would be worth it to get it professionally installed because it is rather easy.


Id like to keep up on this one also. Let us know Alec.

I'll let y'all know what happens after I talk to my parents about it after thanksgiving.

Well, I've got a loan am ready to get the supercharger! It will either be put in by Dec. 18th, or not until the first week in February. But I've got the money and the time! Yay!

I'm jumping on this thread too to get updates :-)

me, too! good luck, alec!!

It appears that some Ford Ranger folks are planning to install BBK superchargers on 91-97 year models. However, there is a problem with 98+ year models - as is mentioned on the Ford Ranger web site
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It surely would be nice to hear from anyone who has actually been able to acquire a BBK supercharger for an Explorer.
Mike in Seattle 91 XLT 4x4 Explorer


I just ordered it from Truckperformance.com! The guy was very nice and even brought the price down a little below Summit Racing's price. I was fooled at first 'cause Summit had the supercharger for cheaper, but they weren't including the install kit. Eric (the sales guy) said BBK's making the next batch now and it should ship by the second week in December. I'll install it late January probably. He also took all my mod info so BBK can CUSTOM TUNE the chip that comes with it. No more Hypertech :(

I'm so excited!!! Truckperformance has sold 2 of them, and there have been no problems reported. In fact, they got word that they are working flawlessly.

So who's next? And who wants to race? Hehehe.....


The supercharger won't arrive until mid January, but that's when I was going to install it anyway, so no worries. Eric (the Truckperformance guy) talked with BBK and I have one of the next batch reserved. They make 20 or so at a time, about once a month. I wonder where they're all going! BBK also said this should work great with my other mods, and that they're going to modify the chip a little for me. Also, both BBK and Truckperformance say even with the blower, a larger MAS wouldn't do anything. Glad I didn't blow that $300! The only other mod on the horizon is a cold air box that a friend is making for me. He needs to hone his metal fab skills, so I get a free airbox! That's it for now.

Another update:

I ordered a boost gauge and an air-fuel ratio gauge. They're going to go in an A-pillar gauge pod. The boost gauge will help me keep the engine in a good boost range, and the air/fuel gauge should tell me how the stock fuel system copes with the extra air. Plus they're just cool!

This is also a bump for the benefit of flyguy ;)

Showdown in Texas?

Hey, I'll run ya Alec. Just for grins though, pick the track ( I don't condone Street Racing ).

I should have the 306 done by then ( I hope ) It will be a classic "Cubes vs. Pressure" dual. Can you see the Import guys watching a blown explorer take on a lifted 35" tired Explorer.....

I can't wait to see your truck. Put a shout out if you need help. I'm starting my own Explorer business to do this type of stuff and lifts etc. Sinjin got me started on that idea.

Good Luck & Enjoy it.

You're on! You'll probably beat me off the line due to your low-end torque and higher gears. Once I hit the RPM sweet-spot, though: vvvvrrrrroooooooooomm!

As for the install, I'm going to put it in with a friend of mine. He has a warehouse and enough air tools to get the job done. It shouldn't take more than a long afternoon. Famous last words, huh? BBK says 2-3 hours. But I think that's only if some NASCAR guys are doing it ;) Hopefully, the hardest part will be running the boost gauge hose....

As for the import guys, I've already gotten a bunch of them mad because they can't keep up. Most of the gussied up ricers around here are poseurs anyway: a high-flow muffler and a whole bunch of stickers! They all sound like motorcycles. That and they always bottom out on the crappy Austin roads and hills.

I'm just hoping my drivetrain can handle the power, I don't want to blow my tranny.

[Edited by Alec on 12-07-2000 at 10:58 AM]

Just say "honey...injection is nice, but I'd rather be blown"

Or in the case of our 4.0s Blown AND Injected!!

Heh... finally saw the tread... anyways... I dont think you gunna need air tools either... I wont swear to it... but it looks REALLY easy. They say 2hrs for the install... I bet its less than that. the upper intake comes off very easily. The time consuming part is just getting all the wires and everything out of the way and disconnected. :) Youll prolly need a torque wrench though.... When you get it installed, post some pics and take it to the dyno! :)

oh yeah... if you have the cash... get a dyno before and after. I looked at your mod list and you look like your pretty close to what I run...


Hey alec, not to burst your bubble or anything, but a supercharged 4.0 barely beats a stock v8 explorer.

I dunno man... I dont do it to be the fastest vehicle out there... I do it to be the fastest 4.0 OHV out there. :) Still... he should have no problem outrunning a stock v8. He seems to have every bolt on in exsistance... personally, Im a port n polish, a cam and a supercharger away from perfection. :)


I can already beat a stock V8 ;) Don't forget that I also have a Sport. The weight difference is significant, expecially 6 vs 8. One of my friends had an auto 1996 XLT V8. Thus, we were identical except for engine and doors (I was stock at the time). We stop-light raced all the time, and had consistent results: After a block, he would always be about 3/4 a length ahead. After 2 blocks, we'd be dead even. I'm not getting the supercharger to be the fastest out there. IMO, it's the easiest large power modification for me to do right now, and will assure me that I'm faster than 95% of the cars out there. I'm not trying to be faster than 99%, that's just nuts :)

BTW, I laid down a nice 5-10 foot strip yesterday Not a really dark patch, but enough that it'll stay there for a day or two. The little civic next to me wanted a little fun. He was angry a block later!

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Even if he can just barely beat a v-8. It is still beating a v-8 and that is pretty damn cool.