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? on SAS with LS


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November 28, 2007
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miami fl
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97 mountianeer v8
I've read many threads on SAS on second gens, as I'm making my list of parts and other things needed to do my SAS. My question is why do they use Wagoneer or other Jeep LS instead of Fords LS. If any one can explain why it
would be awesome beacuse i would like to keep all Ford parts on my project

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Ford or Jeep doesn't make the axles or the limited slips, Dana/Spicer makes them so I don't see what difference it makes.

I understand that Dana Corp makes the axle not Ford or Jeep, my question is why do they use Jeep leaf springs instead of Ford springs example Using the rear springs of an explorer to use them up front

Sorry, thought you were talking about limited slips.
At some point, somebody figured out that Rancho Wagoneer springs were the hot ticket for for use on a Explorer/Ranger SAS. If you use rear springs from a Ford (anything) they will be too long (approach angle will suck) plus they may be too soft so you may end up adding leaves to get the height and spring rate you want.

I am not a hater of a leaf spring SAS but from what i've seen, unless you go full width the tires don't play well with the springs when you use the shorter axles. Other than that, if it's set up well you can get as much flex as a coiled SAS.

Thank you, now that makes sense. My reason for going leaf is Down here in South Florida all we have is mud pits and muddy trails.I really don't see why I would need to go coils unless I plan going out of state to go and tackle some of the trails I've seen like in Tennessee an etc.....