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???? on wiring new head unit in 99 Expo XLT


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March 17, 2009
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Lyons Falls N.Y.
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Lyons Falls, NY
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2002 Explorer XLT
So im about to wire in my Jensen 7in touch screen dvd/cd head unit into my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT... i bought the wiring harness and dash kit, and the factory stereo removal tool... dammit Ford.... anyway i took the factory cd player out and there is two connectors to the the cd player and in the wiring harness i got it only has one connector that it can connect to.... does the smaller connector just not get used? whats it for? there is no factory cd changer and no factory amp. any info would be greatly appreciated

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they don't get used, don't you love how they do that?

yeah thats pretty ratarded haha thanks very much for the info! prolly shouldnt be doin the stereo yet seein as the rear diff still isnt in yet lol

ehhh, screw that, do the radio while you wait for the rear end. The rear end doesn't do anything for you when the truck is just sitting anyway. At least with the radio you can watch dvds in your driveway. Handsdown a dd dvd player is the best thing I've ever put in any of my vehicles.

that other plug, im like 20% sure its for the rear controls, you have a 4 door right? not sure if the sports have rear radio controls or not, but yeah.

yes i have a 4 door, and yeah its got rear controls that would explain a lot... got all the parts for the rear end..... waiting for the royal purple to show up.. UPS..... did the E3's and went to install the JBA wires and realized that Summit sent me the ones for a OHV and not my SOHC.... all the wires were short.... so i cant even start it now.... might as well do the stereo :D