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Once and for all- Where is the numeric keypad code on a '00 Explorer?


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December 27, 2004
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People on here told me its in the little compartment in the back, towards the front of the car. It isn't there. I called my friend who works at a dealership, a tech told me its on a small module under the drivers side dash. I spent a half hour under there today and read everything on everything I could find, it wasn't there either.

Short from taking my truck and title to the dealership, how can I find this code so I can program my own code into it? I bought the truck used and I dont have a manual with it.

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It should be printed on top of the GEM module back in the jack compartment. Waaaayy up in front of the compartment, almost over top of the wheel, is a box (GEM Module). The # should be on top of that. It's very hard to get to and read, but it's there.

what he said

In the first pic the keyless module is circled in red. The code is on the other side of the module. The second pic is of the other side of the module. The code is circled in red. It is not your GEM. The GEM is located in the dash on the left side of the stereo.
P.S. That isn't my code, it's a spare module I have.


It is the RAP Module that it is located on. And yep, it should be up in there. Don't depend on the module being a specific color. I have seen them black and others grey.................and now, a white one.