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One month with the Explorer or a mini review


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March 28, 2012
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Austin tx
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2013 Explorer XLT
Well I bought my 2013 Explorer on April 23 and I thought I would give a mini review.

The Ex has performed above expectations and has shown no major faults so far.
I have liked the performance and the feel of the car as compaired to my old truck I traded in.

The car drives bigger as in that you feel like you are in a larger car then you actually are. You don't feel like a small car on the road next to big trucks. If you get what I mean.

The fit and finish of the suv is better than what I expected after one month of banging down Austin tx's pot holed streets. No rattles have shown up so far.

The interiorer is.... Fantastic in fit and finish and has held up well to five dogs being hauled around and assorted cargos from the hardware store. Ford has come along way with the creature comforts.

My Ford Touch, it has performed well considering all the complaints I have heard. It does take a little time, any where from 3 to 15 seconds, to boot up when first starting the car. I have not figured out why or what delays it for the longer times. Annoying but the system has not crashed yet. Features are good to great with just a steep learning curve. Over all a very good system for a newbee.

Engine, v6, is good with acceptable accelleration. It was not made for racing just hauling the family arround. Nice and quiet with little noise in the passenger compartment.

Dislikes so far......wind buffeting. Found out the hard way on that when I accidently lowered the rear windows. Also add tailgators.

Not really a dislike but the new body style puts the wheels closer to the four corners of the car. This makes the car more 'twichy' then other cars I have driven. It reacts faster and with more movement when minor stearing movements are done. Just something I will have to get use to.

Economy so far..... Well after one month I have saved 72 dollars in gas when compaired to my old truck and thats with more miles driven in that month.

Over all four stars out of five. Need the auto drink dispenser for that fifth star.;)

Would I reccomend it to someone? Yes with out hessitation except maybe choosing right on the available options before going to buy otherwise you will drive yourself crazy trying to decide.:D