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One side park/tail lights not working

Hey guys, got a curly one here...tried searching but came up short.

Vehicle is 1998 SOHC XLT RHD Australian Spec.

Not sure if the lights I'm talking about are the same as the ones in the US. The design reglations may have required light wiring to be changed.

Here's the deal. Originally I had the fog lights wired to come one (via switch and relay) when I turned the park lamps on (first position on the headlight switch).

Everything works fine.

I installed a head unit recently that has a "light" wire - turns on the headunit illumination when the car's lights are turned on.

Thinking it just needed a signal from the headlights to turn on, I wired it to the switch on the dash that triggers the fog light relay on and off.

Apparently it didn't like that, so it blew stuff out and now I only have half a car's worth of park lamp. I originally thought that the light bulb had blown, so I replaced it, but to no avail. The rear tail lamp is out as well, which makes me think it's a fuse or relay related prob.

I have checked EVERY single fuse and relay I knew of and those that I searched for post-blowage.

Nothing has helped so far. Have searched this board and used suggestions related to the issue, but also came up short.

Does anyone know where the RELAY or FUSE for the RHS park lamp/tail lamp is located? I have checked under the hood (2 relay boxes and 1 relay/fuse box), on the driver's side door jamb fuse box and also under the trunk's door lock switch.

Help me Obiwan, you're my only hope.

Cheers guys.