Only Bagged Rangers and Explorers!!!!! Lets see who is King Of Tuck. | Page 2 | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Only Bagged Rangers and Explorers!!!!! Lets see who is King Of Tuck.

:D i honestly appreciate it yall!!! but its another ball game in person... and i'll be the first one to say it. it's been broke in front of my house for a few weeks now. the ppl who bagged it did a horrible job and really ripped me a new one.

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low x.....does it sit that low just on the suspension mods or was your truck body dropped either stock floor or conventional. i love my ranger and would hate to cut up my daily but dont want to body drop it, but if your sits like that only on suspension and minor frame mods i may have to rethink my decision

lo x is just bagged no body drop. mines body dropped and it is alot of work on an explorer. a ranger would be a little easier. rangers are also easier to get to sit flat. except the edges.

these don't help-until after the big drop.


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Slammedonair. Can you get in touch with me. I have a 95 X 4X4 an i am looking to have some work done. I can be reached at I am interested in getting it body dropped and bagged. Thank you in advance.

Here’s my 97 ranger bagged on 17s but swapping to 20s. Plenty of clearance but front always seems to sit a little higher


97 rangerXLT bagged on 17 cobraR rims tires 215/45/17 4.0