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Oops, I did it again...

My boss's nephew has had this poor, beat-up little '95 Sport for the longest time, just beating the crap out of it and trying to wheel with J**p friends who were obviously better set up for 4wheeling... two weeks ago it came in with a blown hub, bad upper and lower balljoints, bad tie rods, and some other issues. They saw $2600 worth of damage, I saw a candidate for an axle swap :D Since the little guy is only worth MAYBE $3,000 in current shape, the kid decided to junk it.

I couldn't pass it up :D In the next two weeks I'll be nabbing Snoborder's EB Dana44 and waggy leafs and making myself a mean little monster ;) I don't much like the 'green bean' look though, so as soon as I've got enough saved for a nifty Maaco paintjob, it's getting sprayed platinum grey with silver stripes! I plan on raiding Harry's and scoring some grey leather seats, fender flares and a manual t-case (maybe even make a doubler if I can squeeze in some more overtime).

What about Shelby you wonder...? Her fate is still undecided. She's still too nice to trash (I wouldn't do that to her anyway-Tank was a whole 'nother can of rust) and I haven't found myself crazy over the extra foot of wheelbase when trying to take sharp turns on the trail. No offense meant to you 4 door lovers, I just have a thing for 2 door second gens :D

1995 Sport 4.0 OHV
5 speed manual
P/w, p/l, no stereo yet
flattened out monoleafs
blown shocks
two bent up bumpers
screwed on passenger mirror
new Clutch
new idler pulley (after it suddenly just disappeared)
Looks an awful lot like Doug's first Explorer, that I carted to the crusher's after he wrecked it :eek:


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sounds like a fun project, good luck and keep us updated!

Good to see someone will be putting the D44 to good use. :cool:

Shaddap, maybe I wont give it to you. :p Think we can pull it off for crozet?

just curious, how much did you pay for the little bugger?

Sounds like a great build. Hope it works out well for you! :thumbsup:


so what are you doin with your first gen then? nice find!

nice find...looks like it will be a sweet build up.

Linds' you have more Explorers than most people have pets :rolleyes:

You have a problem my friend. If you're selling Shelby, shoot an offer my way :)

New one is strikingly similar to this one too! :D


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Micah- I offered the kid $800 and he jumped on it (thinking back at how fast he said yes I should've said $500 :p)

Tawd- If things don't work out the way I hope then you're definitely first on the list for people interested in the silver and red pile :D

95offroadX, I dunno what I'm gonna do with her yet. My coworker (Port on this board) wants a 4 door to haul his three kids around and he has the know-how and parts to fix Shelby's leaky tranny and tapping lifters for almost nothing. The current train of thought is that I will happily trade my '92 to him if he'll do the v8 engine/tranny swap on my '98 (which I'm guesstimating to be about $1,000 worth of work). Have to sell my house first to get $$ to finance the swap however :p

Tawd, looking at your picture just reminded me...

I still have that 95-97 smittybuilt brush guard sitting in Ben's backyard!!!! MUA HAHAHAHA! :D

Doug said:
2 words... mentally....retarted...


Aw come on, it looks like your old one!! :D :D :D


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I don't know if I want to fix the front suspension and make it driveable (and do a few other major things to get it past inspection) THEN tear everything back out...or... Drag it down to Wolf's, use the plasma cutter to remove the suspension and start the swap. If I do things that way there's a good chance it'll never pass inspection, but at least I'll have it done in time for Crozet. That means I need to find a cheap old beater truck and trailer :p


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Please let me buy the green one off of you :D

96limitedX said:
looks pretty decent actuly..

No its not, Lindsy bought it ;)

Got the little monster moving under its own power today, woowoo! Granted, I can't go over 10mph because the clips that hold the brake pads in are nonexistant and the ball joints are still toast. Ben, thank you for loaning me your spare hub... although I think you may wanna invest in a better one as the bearing in it is about to grenade :eek: Want me to grab you one when Micah and I raid Harry's next weekend?

Nah I have another spare here in the house.. Hell I have a complete front end now that I think about it.

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i dont know if I would trust harrys bearings, the cars are there for a reason you know.

But im sure more than a few will wind up in my pocket before we leave. :D