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Opinion on ebay lift kit? Sport Trac 2005 Tire Size?

I lifted my daughters 02 sport trac after she bought the ebay torsion bars and the add a leaf and we bought rancho shocks for the front. It lifted it 3 inches just as she wanted and made a the truck look more redneck and better in her eyes. We ended up getting rims with a bigger revers as the stock rims with 265/75/16 rubes on the frame quite a bit with mud tires. It does ride rough and eats front end parts but I have found a websight that says there half shafts are more indestructible we shall see about that the things a dad will do to keep his daughter happy but the truck looks better lifted.

If that thing is 4x4 you need to drop the front t-bar lift down to 2" MAX. If you want more lift, get a body lift from performance accessories. Never had to replace ball joints or cv axles and I ran it pretty hard compared to most. Also it won't ride like a rock.