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Opinion on gauges?


October 23, 2003
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west springfield, ma
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91 xlt
im looking to get some white faced gauges and i see two kind the regular white with 6 different colors, or the reverse glow gauges, they have them both are car parts.com. im just looking for an opinion, thanks

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i have the 6 color changing ones they really only go from blue to green with some different shades in between. they look cool, they also have a dimmer...

which ever you think looks better in my opinion, your the one that has to look at them all the time ;)


I'm not a big indiglo fan, but personally I like the reverse ones better than the superbrights. Easier on the eyes.

Check ebay, there are auctions with LOTS of photos of the gauges.

Are the white faced gauges really worth it? I've thought about getting some to have a more personal appearance to my interior. However, I've heard both good things and bad things about these. For example good things being that they look cool and are unique to explorers, bad being that the glow is annoying and the switches are crap. I have thought about putting on a gauge overlay bezel if the glow ends up being overwhelming. I've read about installation and it seems that it really isnt too bad, mostly just alignment. Also, do the white A/C panels light up too?

I have the reverse glow gauges and I don't think they are annoying at all. You can adjust the brightness with a turn of a knob. The a/c gauges do not light up the same way, they are back lit.


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Those look awesome! The pics I saw on ebay werent very good, so I had decided against them. But now I think my opinion has changed :D!

Oh, and are your needles that color stock, or did you color them with a sharpie?

Cool, could I do somethng like that or would I get unaccurate readings since I have a First Gen.?

where did you find that gauge? give website and price if you can...