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Opinions: 2001 Sport Trac for Sport?


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March 2, 2008
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Toronto, ON
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2001 Sport
So I'm thinking of trading my '01 Sport for a similarly equipped Sport Trac and thought I'd ask you Sport Trac owners for your opinions to try to get into the mind of the prospective new owner.

It's a stock 4x4 Sport with trailer hitch, brake controller and step bar. Black exterior, grey leather int. 185000 Km.

Considering that the sport trac is essentially just an extended wheelbase version of the sport, I was hoping to find someone to trade with straight up. In my mind there are pros and cons to both. Basically I want the extra doors for rear passengers at the expense of the heated cargo hold and shorter wheelbase.

Any thoughts? All opinions are appreciated :)

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heavier,longer,slower,less mpg

more seating room, small pickup bed for dirty/greasy stuff

think that covers it..

just depends what you want.

If I actually needed 4 doors I would get something bigger myself.
Only reason i have the Sport is how easy it is to manuever and park downtown
and still have the cargo room..

heavier,longer,slower,less mpg

hmm yea... good point about the fuel economy, that didn't occur to me actually.

I love my sport and may decide to keep it after all but I always had my eye on the sport trac.

Every man should have a truck, heck I have two. Solution, have both a sport and a sport trac!

If your looking for the extra seating then go with the 4 door. If you want the truck then the ST. IMO the 4door is alot better than the Sport, mainly because i have a 4door :)

honestly fuel economy is comparable between both the longer wheel base is nicer for hauling trailers. if your a messy person i.e. always greasy and filthy the trac is better in my opinion. if you always got more than one passenger then the trac is the better option. if hualing some temperature sensitive cargo go sport. if an off roader that rock crawls the sports better (short wheel base) if just an average off roader then either work.

honestly the big deciding factor in my eyes is the passenger issue. sport equals single man, sport trac equals family man

Looks like he sold the sport outright.