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opinions?... 26's

how much lift do you think i would need to fit 26 inch rims? ive come across a set with tires.. 305 30 26.. yeah i know its stupid, dumb, retarded, pointless, etc... but i think it would be fun, any tips or pointers would be nice!

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My 18" weight 60lbs each with tires, and 26" should overkill in both money and to the truck, for my bigger than 20" on a explorer looks ridiculous.

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So my 24"s are ridiculous? Thanks. HaHa.

Sorry but yep:D I like wheels, just not big ass wheels. To me anything over 20's become less "functional" and are more for "show." Some vehicles can pull off 22's or 24's, but not Ex's(my opinion). Everything a person does comes down to whether it makes them happy or not. I don't understand why people put 15x10's with 295x45x15's on their trucks or order every chrome accessory in the summit catalog and stick it on their car. But as long as they are happy, then that's all that matters;)

Nascar-Would you be willing to go to Heartland Park drags in Topeka next thursday?

Ok, yes people may say it looks stupid or whatever, but its not your car, so who cares. Not trying to be a dick just saying, to each his own. The 26" rims I posted were 10k.

My 24"s weighed in at 100 lbs each when I had them shipped. (That was with the tire mounted) Im not sure what 15" rims weigh with 33" tires. I'm sure someone will.

Stopping power, yeah bigger brakes will help out a ton. My truck stops way faster with stock 15" rims no question about it. But, you have to adjust your driving a little.

Pot holes... I have hit enough to say this, they hurt. They dont do anything to the rim, or tire. I hit some construction with them on the interstate one time... Huge hole, 73 mph. No dents, no damage, it just hurt a little.

Just to compare, here is my truck on 20" rims.


This might be better, 15" stock, 20", 24"

what size tire do you have on the 24"s

Well, I would like it, just as much as this one.



26"S on an Expo, 6" lift. The kid that drove it told me it rode like a dream. Yeah right. Either way there ya go. I think it was a Superlift kit.

:thumbdwn:YUCK! :thumbdwn:

I just dont understand how people think that looks good. I guess they work if you are a drug dealer and want to look like a successful one (I automatically associate "bling" with felons). Now if you can tuck those 26's it would change my mind.

what size tire do you have on the 24"s
Little ones. Haha. But they are 255/30/24.

As far as yuck... Again, to each his own.

Bling=Felon... ?

Last thing, how would "tucking" rims change your mind? They would still be big rims. They still wouldnt have any function.

Lowered with rubber bands look better than lifted with rubber bands. Kind of like those Donkey Donk cars that are jacked up sky high and when compared to an impala that's lowered, the lowered impala looks cleaner.

I have stated why I do not like "big" rims. Just not my taste. You however seem to like it and that's fine. As has been said, "to each his own." Modified cars are works of art of the person that owns them. Every work of art has different taste and will always be different;)

Not trying to start sh*t, but can you tell me how to lower my 97 explorer, minus a tt?

Yep. If I remember, you have a spring under axle in the rear so whatever a TT twist lowers you down to, you can put blocks in the rear to lower it some more. Say like a 1.5" block or 2". If you are 2wd, I wonder if they make spindles for the front to drop it so you don't have to mess with the TT and screw up you camber/castor and limit wheel travel.

My 20's with tires weighted in at 58 or 68lbs each. It's raining today so I am not doing what I planned on doing other than cleaning my last rim and get them balanced:)

NutsOn20's-I'm with BrianDye, I prefer the 20" but I think it would have looked a little better lowered. I am more for performance(cornering, drag racing) than I am for looks. Like you said, to each his own.

Matt987-Sorry to be putting down this thread. If 26's and lift are your thing, then by all means go for it. If you can tuck those monsters like the little DUB cars you can buy at walmart, I think it would look better than lifted.

honestly i have been doing a lot of thinking.. i am going to raise my truck a little as possible.. right now its about 3 inches lower than stock front and rear.. the cool thing about metal is that all it takes is a little cutting, welding and paint.. and BAM there was never a problem! im planning to keep the tight turning radius ( or as tight as i can possibly keep) and tucking them in.. there is nothing like a wheel that fills the fender....completely....and then some.. lol

and i appreciate everyone's comments and opinions, thats why i posted this... and the reason for the 26's.. 1. i like big rims, 2. everyone has done 22's and 24's..., 3. well.. i like big rims lol

Big wheels make me think of a monster truck, when being transported. They don't look right that's all.

I went last week to have my 20" rims rebalanced by a shop that specializes in large rims and I took a photo comparing a 22" rim to a 30" rim. Holy moly that 30" was FRICKIN HUGE!!! I feel bad for the guy that has to install it. If the tire slips off he will get crushed alive:( It'll be monday or so before I can load up the pic.

Glad to hear you are tucking them in rather than lifting. Either way it will ride like a rock but it'll look better tucked:)

i want to get either 22's or 24's on my ex sport but i dont know whats compatible.. u guys wanna help me out ? and the dude with the 24's that thing looked SLICK

Im hopefully getting a 95 EB in the next couple of days, i wanna get a nice set of 20s, would they fit without doing any work on the truck?

I want to lower it...but that probably wont be til I get a nice ammt of money lol

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The lowering is cheap, the wheels are expensive. Stock tires are 29" or 30" in size. If you get tires that have the same diameter or extremely close to it, go for it.

I'd love to take a truck out with the big wheels on my mail route. Let me climb a few dozen curbs to reach mailboxes that are too far from the road. Let's find out how strong those wheels are, and the tires, and the rim protectors. LOL,