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Opinions - HIDs or PIAA 9006


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August 22, 2008
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Longwood, FL
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2005 Explorer XLT
I have been wanting to improve my headlights and was about to purchase some DDM HIDs (4500K) and read about the designs of HID headlights. I have read where the non-HID headlights will scatter the light and be worse then the standard bulb. I was looking at the PIAA Ultra White bulbs which are the same price as HIDs.

Does anyone no if the HIDs scatter the light on our 3rd gen Explorers?

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i got piaa 9006 and 9005 and i think they do a great job and its a reliable solution

Did they make a big difference over stock? The PIAAs I want are about the same price as the DDM Tuning slim HID kit.

I'm using the DDM slim ballast kits on mine, 6000k headlights and 3000k foglights. I have been very impressed with them, they have held up for over a year, and I drive with them both on anytime during the day, not just at night...never had an issue with them firing.

I have recommended DDM to some others on here with 3rd gen's who also report that they like them. I heard about their product in the Lighting section of this forum, figured for $50 per kit (for 2 lights) I couldn't go wrong...it's probably one of the best additions I made to my vehicle. The light is extremely strong.

Also, I got the 35w kit...they offer a 55w kit but honestly I couldn't imagine them being any brighter without being a pest to other drivers. I never get flashed, and get so much more clarity on the road versus the stock lights. I can highly recommend not just going for HID's, but the DDM kit in particular.

Yep i was recomended by thepotroast and he is right. One of the best kits out there. 35w would be good and 55w may be to much

i run full 55w's and havnt had a problem, i did the whole front end of my truck, lows, fogs, and hi beams for less than 500 bucks in 6000K... AMAZING amount of light down on the road while driving... and my high beams have been clocked at over a mile

Well it looks like I will go with DDM then. Are you sure you guys aren't salesmen from the company? haha......

Thanks for the input!!

I didn't like HID on mine scattered everywhere.

Bought a nice set put them in wow it was raining & at night and could see everything but the road. adjusted them but to much light where I didnt want it. It rains to much here and do alot of night driving a could not get it to do the improvment what I wanted . Unless I get projectors wont do HID again. but to each there own. I have silverstars and the put some good light. :exp: piaas are expensive I have been through 10 sets in older cars starts to add up when they are some much $

Well then I change my mind haha. I live in Florida and there is nothing but rain here so I would be pissed if I spent $50 (even though that is cheap) on some HIDs and that happened. Thanks for the info. I think I will start out with some replacement bulbs for now.