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December 16, 2010
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I've been looking around for some 6" round piaa or kc lights to put on my brush guard in front of the grill. After some thinking I started looking at the 2x6" lights I put on my rear bumper. What if I put 2 in front of the grill pointed like fog lights and then 2 on my rack spread far apart for use too look further down the trails? Open to all opinions!




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I say go for it. The smaller the light the less air blockage to the radiator and less chance of them getting damaged on the trail.

whats wrong with your fogs you have now? also if i did a light bar go check out tough-light.com. i bought those bumps i have from the owner of that company and i looked at some of his products and seemed pretty nice on the website. he has a 6" led light which would be pretty sweet.

^he doesn't have fogs now?
I would say to go for big round ones, those little ones on the back would look awkward on the front of that truck imho. You could take them off and tape them to the front real quick to see how they look though. How bright are they? I get the feeling it wont make a huge difference in light output.

the stock ones...? as for mounting lights on the brush guard id have to agree with colin and tape them up on the brush guard and see how they look. if not id just go with a full light bar like i said earlier. plus there is a much brighter output with a full light bar.

I see o.e.m. foglights on his truck. Here's mine, their crazy bright, I can see the recflection from them on signs 3/4 mile away. TThey're yellow but look white in that picture for some reason.



I hardly count oem fogs, better than nothing but imo every car should come with factory fogs. 2 lights just aren't enough unless you're driving in a city

Thanks guys. Yes I have OEM fogs. I definitely like the slim line for the roof and was thinking if it'd look good matching in front. Plus airflow like rebel said.
I'll have to check out the other links

i threw 4 i think 6 inchers on my brush guard, no cares given :P