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Order Status of vehicles

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February 25, 2011
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Your dealer is the #1 source for order tracking. They have indepth, detailed tools to track it.

You can try your VIN here to get basic order info.

Ford Vehicle Order Tracking

You can get your window sticker here 5-7 days before yours gets built. You need to add your VIN to the end.


Shipping is unknown for anyone. There is a lot of logistics that goes into how long it will take. Expect 2-3 weeks once shipped. Your dealer will have an ETA (an exact date that can and usually does change) in the tracking system. This date is an ESTIMATE.. I cant stress that enough. Far too many people get pissed about delays or missed delivery dates. If that would be you, I suggest waiting for your dealer to call saying it is there.

Also when shipped, they will not delivery 1 vehicle to a dealer. So although it may be on a train on its way, once it hits a yard/check point, it may sit for several days waiting for a full truck to delivery vehicles to your or neighboring dealership.

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