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Ordered my LiveWire!

Frank 03GT

July 8, 2005
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2003 Mountaineer V8 AWD
Ordered it from James. I was just going to get the XCAL3, but the LW is just so pimp. My truck is a hair slower off the line from the bigger tires, so I figure this will get me what I lost and then some. I was thinking about 4.56 gears as well, but I think I'll wait and see what kind of difference the LiveWire makes. I'm SO excited...

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You are going to love it. Should make a noticable difference. For me it wasn't like "DA*MMMMMMMMM!!!!" but more like "Oh yeah!" If that even makes sense? I went with the X3 just because it was cheaper. Also, I think 4.56 gears would be a little overkill if you are on the highway much. If you are in town more and do some occasional off-roading, then I guess those gears would be okay. Congrats on the purchase:)

Sounds good. I'm hoping for a little more power and a lot more drivability. I hear so many good things about James's transmission programming. I really hope it doesn't take so long hunting for the right gear when I mash the gas like it does now.

I was considering 4.56's for 2 reasons. The first is that it's kind of expensive, so I want to get the most bang for my buck. Secondly, since I have AWD, I could probably get some killer 60' times with 4.56's. Hopefully around 1.9 seconds. I'm not expecting to run 14's, but I might get pretty damn close with 4.56's. The other ratio I would consider would be 4.10. It's just so hard to find any opinions from people who've re-geared a 3rd gen...

Screw it. Go with 4.56 gears. It will be more "peppy" and with the overdrive, should still be fine on the highway. Here is a calculator I found that will allow you to input tire size, rear gear and trans gear to see what mph you run at a certain rpm. I think our overdrive gear is .75. Have fun:)


Thanks for the link. It looks like I'd be turning 2000rpm at 55 and 2500 at 68. I don't go any faster than that, so I think I'll be alright. I can't wait - I just need to find someone where I live who will do the job for a fair price.

That's the thing, it won't be cheap. When I put 35's on my Ranger, I regeared to 4.56's and the gears cost me $335 dollars. I did the install myself with the help of my dad to keep the cost down. I think it will cost at least $700(gears and labor) or more for someone who knows how to do it right. I have heard quotes up to $1200 that others on here have gotten. Good luck and let us know what you find out.